No Turning Back

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For course information and requirements please click here.

Beginners course projects

Beginners Course ( no turning experience necessary) From £145 per Day

1 Day – Spindle basics including which tool to use and how they are sharpened. A simple project such as a garden dibber or a pen followed by a basic bowl with use of chucks and finishing techniques.
2 Day- same as above with a lidded box including end grain hollowing and jam chucking. The conversion of timber for your own project.
Improvers bowl Course

Improvers bowl Course £160 per day

Platters and bowls with how to get from the tree to the finished item with the emphasis on tooling and design. Power sanding and techniques of reverse turning to clean up chucking points. How to do an undercut on a bowl rim using a gouge and flat bottom platters.
Improvers spindle course

Improvers spindle course £155 per day

Learn all the tricks of the trade from professional copy turner. The use of the skew, copy turning, measuring , marking out and sanding techniques. The project would normally be a candle stick or table lamp.
Improvers box course

Improvers box course £160 per day

Finial, bullet and curly top boxes with some use of colouring or texturing if required concentrating on getting the perfect lid fit and jam chucking techniques.
Improvers Hollowed Forms Course

Improvers Hollowed Forms £160 per day

Side grain and end grain hollowing from dry or wet wood. The use of commercially available hollowing tools such as the woodcut, crown revolution and the Rolly Munro. The use of lids and finials to enhance the turning.
Basic colouring and texturing course

Basic course on colouring and texturing bowls ( some bowl turning experience needed) £160 per day

Texturing on bowls and platters, Sorby texturing tool, Arbotech, Proxxon, carving tools and airbrush available, course tailored to your own expectations.
Basic colouring and texturing course

Improvers Natural edge Bowls £160 per day (some bowl turning experience needed)

End Grain and side grain natural edge , thin turning, judging wall thickness using various methods, finishing wet and dry wood.
Pepper and Salt mills course

Pepper and Salt mills £195 per day (some turning experience necessary)

Make a couple of salt/pepper mills using crush grind mechanisms, precision drilling will be covered and a pair of plain or textured mills should be able to be produced during the day. The mechanisms are supplied as will be reasonably priced timber for the projects.


The Les Thorne experience

The Les Thorne experience £240 per day (Max 4)

Book up as a group of like minded individuals, you could be friends or fellow woodturning club members. I have a workshop full of all the latest tools for you to use. You do need ideally to come along with your own timber and projects but I do have a limited amount of materials for purchase.

Four to one days £60 each

These are my most popular events, once you have attended one of the other one to one courses you will be invited to attend on of my shared workshop days, periodically I send out emails listing which dates these are available and you just let me know which you would like to attend. Bring your own tools, wood and ideas and share the day with like minded individuals 9.15am to 4.30pm

Night school

Periodically I run a series of evening lessons, always a good social time in the workshop and perfect for the workers amongst you. Normally I would have like to have taught you for a day before you would be eligible for the evenings. Like the 4 to 1 days you go onto my email list and I contact you when the dates become available.